What is in a memory? Why are memories so important to us? These types of questions constantly pass through my mind as I think about my life. I think our past and all the experiences we face end up defining who we become. The person I am now is a culmination of all my experiences. But without memories, we can’t measure this progression. And I think there’s something inherent in all of us to connect with the past in some way. For example, seeing a collage of photographs of somebody’s life (perhaps at a birthday party) somehow creates a deeper…

It’s tough for a small business to make the leap into video. Its true, I’ve seen this many times through my prospective clients. They debate with themselves about whether video is the right way for them. They question things like, who will even watch it? How would they distribute it? Will they see a return on investment?

These are questions that any business, large or small will have to face. Its particularly difficult if the business has never engaged with video before. To them, video marketing is a new concept and that faces competition with traditional marketing strategies. There’s a…


Someone who is still discovering life

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